I thought I would update you on things happening at the Cathedral today.

The storm went almost straight east to west down 26th street. It was about a half to three quarters a mile wide. Preliminary reports rate the tornado an F4-F5. The Cathedral is undamaged as far as I can tell, but the needs in Joplin are very serious.

Volunteers have stepped up in the Valley to provide meals for first responders and rescue/emergency personnel. We continue to accept donations of food and we will continue to provide a hot meal for those in need for as long as we can.

For now the authorities have advised volunteers not to go into stricken areas. So at this time we’ll provide support for medical and rescue personnel as long as we are in a search and rescue operation. When operations change to recovery and cleanup, we’ll look for volunteers to assist with clean up.

If you can assist us in helping the people of Joplin, please let us know. Thanks!

Richard A. Lowrey, 33°
Executive Secretary
Valley of Joplin
Scottish Rite