Quentin James Cockerham Installed as 49th International Congress Secretary

Missouri DeMolay remains the #1 Jurisdiction in the world in membership and more!



Quentin James Cockerham Installed as 49th International Congress Secretary

Quentin James Cockerham, State Master Councilor, was installed as the 49th International Congress Secretary in Orlando, Florida at the DeMolay International Session and Congress. As one of the two DeMolay International Youth Leaders he will be traveling the country and the world to share the goodness of DeMolay and especially to build our great Order of DeMolay here and abroad. In addition, Brother Quentin was honored with the Grand Master’s Eagle award for his outstanding leadership and excellence in Membership Growth and Retention. He is one of only three active DeMolay to be honored with a Grand Master’s Eagle in the history of DeMolay International.

Over the past 12 years Missouri DeMolay has continued to grow and has maintained #1 status in the World of Membership Growth (over 3 times any other Jurisdiction in the world), Overall Membership (the only Jurisdiction in the world with more than 1400 active members), and Most New Members in the world! This is an achievement not reached since the very few months of the Order’s founding. Now, we just need to continue to grow and share the goodness of DeMolay with others!

Missouri DeMolay was truly represented in an outstanding fashion at the 2015 International Supreme Council Session. Our State Master Councilor Quentin James Cockerham and Deputy State Master Councilor Michael Braun were our delegates at the International Congress Session and were the best DeMolay leaders there. Jurisdictional Officer Bradley Pittman was also in attendance; and Jurisdictional Officer John Parker served as an Intern for the DeMolay International Service & Leadership Center in Kansas City, Missouri, together with over 30 leaders from Missouri. See attached photos.

We are most pleased to advise that Dad Grant Willis was unanimously elected a Deputy Member of the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay, and Dad Jeffrey C. Kitsmiller. Sr. was unanimously elected an Honorary Member of the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay.

Missouri DeMolay also maintains first place in Overall Members, highest growth in new members, highest net growth in membership, as well as the Top First Line Signer of new members.

Select individuals were honored with the Chevalier, Legion of Honor, Honorary Legion of Honor, and Cross of Honor. The entire list will be posted on the website. Missouri DeMolay had more honorees than any other Jurisdiction.

Missouri DeMolay is striving again to be #1 in the world of DeMolay in Membership Growth, New Chapters, Honors and Programs in 2015. We have many jurisdictions that have “promised” that they will beat us in membership this year. Missouri DeMolay is currently in 1st place for 2015, however, we need everybody’s continued commitment and dedication to keep Missouri DeMolay #1.

We have many activities coming up, in addition to all the Chapter events. If you are a DeMolay and have not applied to be considered for the The University of DeMolay, please do so immediately. A new on-line application process has been implemented for your convenience. Please take the time to visit www.modemolay.org to apply for The University of DeMolay, and to check out the other great events and photographs of DeMolay in action.

Congratulations to everyone who made 2014 (and 2015, so far) a tremendous success and who continue to dedicate themselves every day to building Missouri DeMolay.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Dad Cockerham
Past Grand Master
Executive Officer
Missouri DeMolay

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