Save the date! We’re holding our first ever Scottish Rite Family Picnic on Sunday, July 17, 2016! Bring your spouse or girlfriend, in-laws, kids, your favorite Masonic Brother, and anyone else that might enjoy a fun time in the park! It will be held at Finley River Park in Ozark, beginning at 2:00pm and lasting until dark, or whenever we get tired. Activities could include fishing, croquet, tennis, baseball, soccer, marbles, badminton, volleyball, basketball, or any other number of fun activities.

The event is free to our members and their guests, but we would ask you to help us out by bringing a covered dish. We would also like to ask our Scottish Rite Clubs to help! The Joplin Club has offered to bring drinks and the Ridge Runners Club has offered to bring some hamburger patties and hot dogs. What can your Club bring? We’re in need of brats, bread, and anything else that is typically needed at a cookout! Please let us know! Also if you have a singing group and some musical instruments, bring them out! We’d love to hear some good music in the park! Again, just let us know you plan on being there!

We’ve reserved the Pavilions in the park, so the event will go on, come rain or shine! Let’s make this a wonderful and glorious day of fun and Brotherhood at Ozark! Also be sure to keep an eye on your email for additional information about this great event! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Richard A. Lowrey
Executive Secretary
Valley of Joplin Scottish Rite