Preserving a Legacy of Excellence: Dedication of the Frank S. “Dad” Land 33°, GC Library & Museum


On September 27, 2017, the Kansas City Scottish Rite Foundation was proud to have Ill. Robert W. Cockerham, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Missouri on-hand to assist our Valley in unveiling many enhancements to the Valley of Kansas City’s library and museum. There was a large crowd of excited members, dignitaries, and guests present for this historic occasion!

Frank S. "Dad" Land Knight Templar Sword

(“Dad” Land’s Templar sword, walking stick, and baton.)

The Valley of Kansas City’s newly dedicated library and museum is full of treasures and mementos of the Valley’s storied past. From President Truman’s petition for the Scottish Rite degrees, to Frank S. Land’s Knight Templar sword, these treasures needed to be protected.

After numerous discussions regarding this need to further protect the books and exhibits, the Kansas City Scottish Rite Foundation (KCSRF) initiated a plan to fund and construct attractive and secure doors. This will also allow the Valley to add a separate heating/cooling zone to maintain proper temperature and humidity required for these preservation efforts.

These dramatic changes inspired us to rededicate the library and museum. The KCSRF thought it should be named to honor a member of our Valley whose life had been a force for positive change. Early discussions resulted in the name of Brother Harry S Truman, 33°, but he already has a library with his namesake in Independence. The board quickly came to unanimous consensus to name the Library and Museum for a man whose legacy impacted the lives of millions of young men by teaching them the values of citizenship, leadership, and personal responsibility.


Harry S Truman Scottish Rite Petition

Photograph of Harry S. Truman’s “Petition for the Degrees [of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite]

In January of 1919, Frank S. Land, Director of the Kansas City Masonic Relief and Employment Bureau of the Scottish Rite, agreed to help a young man in need. Mr. Land had no idea that this was to become the beginning of an international Masonic Youth organization; he was merely following the tenets Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. A few months later, the Order of DeMolay was founded as a result of Frank S. Land answering that call for assistance.


Frank S Dad Land, 33°, GC Library and Museum - Entry Doors

Frank S Dad Land, 33°, GC Library and Museum – Entry Doors

The Valley of Kansas City decided it is time to answer the call and build on the Land legacy by creating a resource that is hoped will inspire a new community within the fraternity. We hope to host seminars, speakers, and traveling exhibits that focus on the history, development, and philosophy of Freemasonry. All of this will be possible thanks to the Frank S. “DAD” Land, 33° GC Library and Museum.

The KCSRF is currently raising money to finish the job by adding the climate control to protect the museum and library’s treasures. This project will cost between $25,000 and $30,000 to complete.

The First 100 Donors of at least $100 to the Kansas City Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc. with donations marked “FRANK S. “DAD” LAND, 33° GC LIBRARY AND MUSEUM” will be permanently recognized as members of the FRANK S. “DAD” LAND, 33° GC LIBRARY AND MUSEUM FOUNDER’S CLUB.

In recognition of their contribution, each will receive –

  • Permanent recognition in the library & museum with their name on a FOUNDER’S CLUB recognition plaque
  • An exclusive, BEAUTIFUL limited edition challenge coin

    Frank S. "Dad" Land Library and Museum - Founder's Club Challenge Coin

    Frank S. “Dad” Land Library and Museum – Founder’s Club Challenge Coin



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