My Brother,

Over a thousand Scottish Rite Brothers throughout the United States of America and 27 other countries around the world participated in the Missouri Scottish Rite Virtual Cinematic Reunions. We are pleased to welcome hundreds of new Scottish Rite Masons who have joined through the virtual reunions.

We are elated that our Grand Master of Masons in Missouri, Most Worshipful Brother Barry V Cundiff, 32°, KCCH, Sovereign Grand Commander, Illustrious Brother James D. Cole, 33°, SJ, USA, and Sovereign Grand Commander, Illustrious Brother David A. Glattley, 33°, NMJ, have been integral participants in our Reunions.

This production was accomplished with the outstanding brothers and their family members from all of the Valleys throughout Missouri and the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri. We also appreciate the dedication and heartfelt assistance of The LIGHT Foundation, which engendered a vision to make these Virtual Cinematic Reunions a reality.

We hope you will all share these tremendous experiences with your fellow Master Masons. Although we certainly look forward to returning to our individual Valleys, with your excellent comments and recommendations, we are already considering a new “Interactive Virtual Reunion” in the Spring.

The overwhelming positive thoughts and opinions from so many of you who have completed the online Survey are appreciated. If you have not done so already, please complete the online Survey at New Scottish Rite Members MUST complete the Survey to confirm that they received all of the obligations.

We hope you enjoyed all of these Virtual Cinematic Reunions and that you will take some time to reflect on and absorb the important lessons learned and information provided and carry them into your daily lives.

Make sure to take the time to make contact with your Valley leaders to obtain further information about Valley activities as well as more educational opportunities. We wish you the best in all of your endeavours and especially in your continued journey to more Light in Freemasonry.

“This may well be viewed years from now as a very significant and historic watershed moment in our Rite.”

Illustrious Brother James D. Cole, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander, Supreme Council, SJ, USA

Sincerely and fraternally,