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May 2018 Missouri Scottish Rite E-NEWS

We hope that you are enjoying the Missouri Scottish Rite E-NEWS!  You can read the latest issue as well as our past issues using the relevant link(s) below.

This newsletter shares information from each of our local Scottish Rite Valleys, our RiteCare Centers, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, the Masonic Youth Groups in Missouri, and other Masonic groups around our state.


Launch of the monthly Missouri Scottish Rite e-News

We are excited to announce the launch of the Missouri Scottish Rite e-News!

This dynamic monthly newsletter is dedicated to sharing the Goodness of Freemasonry – committed to inspiring Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth – and driven by the stories and experiences of each of the five great Scottish Rite Valleys of the Orient of Missouri.

You can view the current issue by visiting

Missouri Scottish Rite eNews - March 2018

Missouri Scottish Rite eNews – March 2018

Scottish Rite Journal – Orient of Missouri – April May 2018 Insert

We were informed that the upcoming Journal insert was misprinted.  Please click on the link below for a PDF version of the insert.  Our Orient News Page will auto-update with the HTML5 version of the insert in the days ahead.  This post will be updated when that occurs.


Click for the Orient of Missouri – Scottish Rite – March – April 2018 – Journal Insert

Dedication of the Frank S. “Dad” Land 33°, GC Library & Museum

Preserving a Legacy of Excellence: Dedication of the Frank S. “Dad” Land 33°, GC Library & Museum


On September 27, 2017, the Kansas City Scottish Rite Foundation was proud to have Ill. Robert W. Cockerham, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Missouri on-hand to assist our Valley in unveiling many enhancements to the Valley of Kansas City’s library and museum. There was a large crowd of excited members, dignitaries, and guests present for this historic occasion!

Frank S. "Dad" Land Knight Templar Sword

(“Dad” Land’s Templar sword, walking stick, and baton.)

The Valley of Kansas City’s newly dedicated library and museum is full of treasures and mementos of the Valley’s storied past. From President Truman’s petition for the Scottish Rite degrees, to Frank S. Land’s Knight Templar sword, these treasures needed to be protected.

After numerous discussions regarding this need to further protect the books and exhibits, the Kansas City Scottish Rite Foundation (KCSRF) initiated a plan to fund and construct attractive and secure doors. This will also allow the Valley to add a separate heating/cooling zone to maintain proper temperature and humidity required for these preservation efforts.

These dramatic changes inspired us to rededicate the library and museum. The KCSRF thought it should be named to honor a member of our Valley whose life had been a force for positive change. Early discussions resulted in the name of Brother Harry S Truman, 33°, but he already has a library with his namesake in Independence. The board quickly came to unanimous consensus to name the Library and Museum for a man whose legacy impacted the lives of millions of young men by teaching them the values of citizenship, leadership, and personal responsibility.


Harry S Truman Scottish Rite Petition

Photograph of Harry S. Truman’s “Petition for the Degrees [of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite]

In January of 1919, Frank S. Land, Director of the Kansas City Masonic Relief and Employment Bureau of the Scottish Rite, agreed to help a young man in need. Mr. Land had no idea that this was to become the beginning of an international Masonic Youth organization; he was merely following the tenets Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. A few months later, the Order of DeMolay was founded as a result of Frank S. Land answering that call for assistance.


Frank S Dad Land, 33°, GC Library and Museum - Entry Doors

Frank S Dad Land, 33°, GC Library and Museum – Entry Doors

The Valley of Kansas City decided it is time to answer the call and build on the Land legacy by creating a resource that is hoped will inspire a new community within the fraternity. We hope to host seminars, speakers, and traveling exhibits that focus on the history, development, and philosophy of Freemasonry. All of this will be possible thanks to the Frank S. “DAD” Land, 33° GC Library and Museum.

The KCSRF is currently raising money to finish the job by adding the climate control to protect the museum and library’s treasures. This project will cost between $25,000 and $30,000 to complete.

The First 100 Donors of at least $100 to the Kansas City Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc. with donations marked “FRANK S. “DAD” LAND, 33° GC LIBRARY AND MUSEUM” will be permanently recognized as members of the FRANK S. “DAD” LAND, 33° GC LIBRARY AND MUSEUM FOUNDER’S CLUB.

In recognition of their contribution, each will receive –

  • Permanent recognition in the library & museum with their name on a FOUNDER’S CLUB recognition plaque
  • An exclusive, BEAUTIFUL limited edition challenge coin

    Frank S. "Dad" Land Library and Museum - Founder's Club Challenge Coin

    Frank S. “Dad” Land Library and Museum – Founder’s Club Challenge Coin



Founder’s Club Options

Outstanding new video from Missouri DeMolay!

2017 Missouri DeMolay Ads and Sponsorship Opportunities

My Brothers,

Below please find links to the Missouri DeMolay letter and forms for the 2017 Missouri DeMolay State Conclave. We appreciate your kind assistance in this most worthwhile venture and look forward to having you with us at our 2017 Missouri DeMolay State Conclave over the Memorial Day weekend in Jefferson City. It has been the tradition that each Valley donate for a $500 full page. You can certainly do more if you desire. It would also be great to have the Valleys and any and all of you to be a Sponsor.

May God bless you in all your endeavors,


Robert W. Cockerham, PGM
Executive Officer
Missouri DeMolay

Kansas City Scottish Rite Time Capsule Opened

We had a wonderful event at the Kansas City Scottish Rite last night!  HUNDREDS of members and guests filled the beautifully restored Grand Ballroom for the opening of the time capsule from the original Kansas City Scottish Rite Temple.  The event was attended by many Freemasons, community leaders, and dignitaries.  See below for FOUR VIDEOS – 1.) a news clip from the Kansas City Star 2.) a news clip from Fox 4 News Kansas City 3.) A news clip from KCTV5 4.) a video filmed by one of the staff members.



Missouri DeMolay remains the #1 Jurisdiction in membership and more!


Missouri DeMolay remains the #1 Jurisdiction in membership and more!

Over the past 13 years Missouri DeMolay has grown and has maintained #1 status in the World of Membership Growth (over 3 times any other Jurisdiction in the world), Overall Membership (the only Jurisdiction with more than 1300 active members), and Most New Members in the world (370 new members in 2015)! This is an achievement not reached since the very few months of the Order’s founding. Now, we just need to continue to grow and share the goodness of DeMolay with others!

Missouri DeMolay was truly represented in an outstanding fashion at the 2016 International Supreme Council Session in San Diego, California. Missouri DeMolay Jurisdictional Officers Ukiah Camp and Bradley Pitman were our delegates at the International Congress Session and were the best DeMolay leaders there, together with Jurisdictional Officers Grant Applegate and Lawson Smead and over 20 other leaders from Missouri.

Brother Quentin J. Cockerham presided over the DeMolay Congress as the 48th International Congress Secretary.

We are most pleased to advise that Dad John Hay was unanimously elected an Active Member of the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay.

Missouri DeMolay and its members also received the following Outstanding Honors and Awards:

  • Brother Quentin J. Cockerham is the DeMolay International First Line Signer for 2016 (also in 2014 and 2015). He is the First Line Signer of 127 new DeMolays in 2015, and initiated over 300 new DeMolay members in 2015.
  • Missouri DeMolay earned the coveted Louis G. Lower Outstanding Membership Award for its successful efforts in obtaining the most new DeMolays worldwide in 2015.
  • Missouri DeMolay earned the Gorman A. McBride Membership Award for its successful membership efforts by initiating more new members in 2015 than in 2014.
  • Missouri DeMolay earned the Frank S. Land Membership Growth Award for obtaining more initiates than majorities in 2015 and contributing to the membership efforts of DeMolay International – Missouri DeMolay was also the #1 Jurisdiction receiving this Award – now for the 13th year in a row.
  • Missouri DeMolay received the 1st Place Outstanding Communications Award.
  • Missouri DeMolay received the 1st Place Outstanding Communications Award – Jurisdictional Media Publication.
  • George L. Walters Chapter received the 1st Place Outstanding Communications Award – Chapter Media Publication.
  • Select individuals were honored with the Chevalier, Legion of Honor, Honorary Legion of Honor, and Cross of Honor. The entire list will be posted on the web site.

Missouri DeMolay is striving again to be #1 in the world of DeMolay in Membership Growth, New Chapters, Honors and Programs in 2016. Many jurisdictions have “promised” they will beat us in membership this year. We need everybody’s continued commitment and dedication to keep Missouri DeMolay #1.

We have many activities coming up, in addition to all the Chapter events. If you are a DeMolay and have not applied to be considered for The University of DeMolay, please do so immediately. A new on-line application process has been implemented for your convenience. Please take the time to visit to apply for The University of DeMolay, and to check out the great events and photographs of DeMolay in action.

Congratulations to everyone who made 2015 (and 2016, so far) a tremendous success and who continue to dedicate themselves each day to building Missouri DeMolay.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Dad Cockerham
Past Grand Master
Executive Officer
Missouri DeMolay

2016 Missouri DeMolay State Conclave

Sweethearts, Moms, Brethren and Friends,

We are now only 23 days away from our Annual State Conclave and we’re looking forward to a most outstanding Memorial Day weekend in Jefferson City, Missouri.

As a reminder, Chapter registration is available at Our online registration process makes it easy for you to manage your registration for your Chapter. We encourage you to share the link with your Chapter members, advisors and parents where many resources can be found including this year’s prices, and other important information; more information and resources will continue to be added as Conclave approaches. Each Chapter will need one individual (preferably the Chapter DAD or Chairman) responsible for the Chapter’s entire registration process online. If you have any questions about the registration process, please use the ‘Contact Support’ feature found on the registration website.

The registration deadline is May 10, 2016. Any registrations submitted after this date will incur a $25.00 late registration per person fee.

Don’t forget about the perks of bringing your friends to join DeMolay at State Conclave:

• Bring 3 Candidates to join DeMolay at State Conclave – and YOU go to Conclave for FREE!
*The first line signer must be the same on all three candidates.

To assist with the cost of Conclave, you can sell advertisements for our yearbook or find an organization to sponsor you.
Please find the links here:

• Yearbook Advertising (
• Sponsorship Opportunities (

Also, ALL Chapters who have a Sweetheart who will be competing in the State Sweetheart Competition will receive a FREE Sweetheart and Chaperone registration for a contestant in the State Sweetheart Competition ($450.00 value).

Our Jurisdictional Officers and Conclave Committee have been hard at work planning what will prove to be one of the best yet! We hope to see you there.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Dad Cockerham
Executive Officer
Missouri DeMolay

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