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The Emergence of TeleTherapy During Better Hearing and Speech Month 2020

As we near the end of Better Hearing and Speech Month, “Communication at Work,” it is important to reflect upon and celebrate the triumphs made by both the client and therapist during these unprecedented times. Conceived out of these extraordinary circumstances, innovative programs have been implemented in order to continuously serve the patient, client, and student to the fullest degree. The ingenious methods in which speech-language pathologists have reconstructed their work during the COVID-19 pandemic has only testified to their steadfast commitment to making effective communication a human right and accessible for all.

As therapy sessions and curriculum made their way to the virtual world, there were certain obstacles and restrictions that therapists, teachers, and patients had to overcome. Despite these anticipated challenges, TeleTherapy has prevailed beyond measure.

RiteCare - Scottish Rite Masons Helping Children Communicate

The RiteCare Language and Literacy Lab Coordinator at the University of Central Missouri, Kim Stewart, M.S., CCC-SLP, sheds light on the numerous benefits in which TeleTherapy has offered her, her graduate students, and patients during Better Hearing and Speech Month:“One of our clients uses an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device (AAC Device). She’s three years old, and she made tremendous gains through our virtual six week, twelve session time frame. Everything was very functional, and it was because of our online monitor system that we implemented that we were able to effectively utilize TelePractice methods.”

Kim Stewart - University of Central Missouri - RiteCare

“One of our clients uses an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device (AAC Device). She’s three years old, and she made tremendous gains through our virtual six week, twelve session time frame. Everything was very functional, and it was because of our online monitor system that we implemented that we were able to effectively utilize TelePractice methods.”

Kim Stewart, M.S., CCC-SLP

The patient’s mother also shared in Stewart’s enthusiasm by personally reaching out to the student who conducted her child’s TeleTherapy sessions. She expressed her gratitude for the functionality of TeleTherapy methods and was delighted to witness her daughter’s exceptional development.

These success stories would not have been possible without the generous donations bestowed upon the SLP programs at UCM:

“We are so thankful that we were provided all of these free resources immediately by this SLP Telecom. There was no money being allocated into this during this spiraling situation, but everybody came to bat for all of us and helped us to be successful. It was a wonderful situation and has proven to deliver quite remarkable results.”

Mother of RiteCare Patient

As Better Hearing and Speech Month wraps up, we are still graciously accepting donations that support these life-changing services to children in need of speech-language therapy. The LIGHT Foundation has agreed to match every donation at 100% up to $10,000. Donation processing through The LIGHT Foundation removes any administrative costs and allows 100% of the donor’s gift to go to the RiteCare Program and the children they serve. Your generous tax-deductible donation will be distributed to the Missouri RiteCare Program of your choice or towards the state-wide efforts and initiatives of the Scottish Rite RiteCare program to help children communicate.

Dedicated Missouri RiteCare Programs

There are several professional Scottish Rite RiteCare affiliated programs in Missouri that all provide free and accessible services to children in need of speech, language and learning therapy.
  • Walker Scottish Rite Clinic at Maryville University (St. Louis)
  • Robert G. Combs Childhood Language PreSchool at University of MO (Columbia)
  • Scottish Rite RiteCare Early Language Literacy Lab at University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg)
  • RiteCare Early Literacy Lab at Truman State University (Kirksville)
  • United Cerebral Palsy of Northwest Missouri (St. Joseph)
  • RiteCare Clinic in Kansas City affiliated with Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Scottish Rite RiteCare services in partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network (Joplin/Springfield)
  • Hannibal Regional Hospital’s speech therapy assistance program (Hannibal)

Resource-Relief Fund for Missouri Families impacted by COVID-19 Campaign

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri and The LIGHT Foundation join together in service to community

One of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri’s charity pillars is Disaster Relief. The core focus of the LIGHT Foundation is to create youth opportunities. The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri in partnership with The LIGHT Foundation seek to support our community families that have been economically impacted through the COVID-19 crisis through job loss, school closures and unforeseen challenges with a resource-relief opportunity. We are compelled to support our families in need.

Together, we request that you, as leaders in our Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Youth Programs, send a personal recommendation via email with the name, brief explanation and contact information (email and home mailing address) of a family in need. Recommendations need to be submitted by/before 5/15/20 to The need is great and our hope as a community is to respond swiftly.

Disaster Relief is a charity pillar of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri and we would humbly request if any in our community would wish to donate to the Resource Relief Fund, please contact the SRF Executive Director, Paul DeMerath ( or the LIGHT Foundation Executive Director, Sheri Mistretta (; 314.287.3633). Our calling is to serve those in need and the time is now.

As our valued leadership, you understand that relatives of our Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri Board of Directors and LIGHT Foundation Board of Directors and staff are not be eligible for this fund.

Thank you for reviewing and recommending families for this resource-relief fund and supporting our community. Additional information regarding the Scottish Rite Foundation of Misssouri, Inc. can be found by clicking here.

The Temple KC – Ray for the Kids Event

On May 18, 2019, the Valley of Kansas City and The Temple KC will host an exciting event to raise money for the Kansas City Rite Care Clinic! Don’t miss this opportunity to be entertained and to assist children receiving care for childhood language disorders!

Tickets available online by visiting or


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Missouri Scottish Rite eNews – March 2018

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Tis’ the Season – to Give the Gift of Speech!

Happy Giving Tuesday!


During the next 24 hours, people around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and make an impact. Will you help us reach our goals this holiday season? Please say “yes” to help a child at your local RiteCare today!

Did you know…?

  • Nationally, we help fund about 170 RiteCare Childhood Language Programs
  • Nationally, many of our centers work in association with universities and hospitals providing top notch care
  • Nationally, RiteCare provides children with full diagnostic evaluation, treatment of speech, language disorders, and learning disabilities





RiteCare - Helping Children Communicate

2017 Missouri DeMolay Ads and Sponsorship Opportunities

My Brothers,

Below please find links to the Missouri DeMolay letter and forms for the 2017 Missouri DeMolay State Conclave. We appreciate your kind assistance in this most worthwhile venture and look forward to having you with us at our 2017 Missouri DeMolay State Conclave over the Memorial Day weekend in Jefferson City. It has been the tradition that each Valley donate for a $500 full page. You can certainly do more if you desire. It would also be great to have the Valleys and any and all of you to be a Sponsor.

May God bless you in all your endeavors,


Robert W. Cockerham, PGM
Executive Officer
Missouri DeMolay

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