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Resource-Relief Fund for Missouri Families impacted by COVID-19 Campaign

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri and The LIGHT Foundation join together in service to community

One of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri’s charity pillars is Disaster Relief. The core focus of the LIGHT Foundation is to create youth opportunities. The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri in partnership with The LIGHT Foundation seek to support our community families that have been economically impacted through the COVID-19 crisis through job loss, school closures and unforeseen challenges with a resource-relief opportunity. We are compelled to support our families in need.

Together, we request that you, as leaders in our Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Youth Programs, send a personal recommendation via email with the name, brief explanation and contact information (email and home mailing address) of a family in need. Recommendations need to be submitted by/before 5/15/20 to The need is great and our hope as a community is to respond swiftly.

Disaster Relief is a charity pillar of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri and we would humbly request if any in our community would wish to donate to the Resource Relief Fund, please contact the SRF Executive Director, Paul DeMerath ( or the LIGHT Foundation Executive Director, Sheri Mistretta (; 314.287.3633). Our calling is to serve those in need and the time is now.

As our valued leadership, you understand that relatives of our Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri Board of Directors and LIGHT Foundation Board of Directors and staff are not be eligible for this fund.

Thank you for reviewing and recommending families for this resource-relief fund and supporting our community. Additional information regarding the Scottish Rite Foundation of Misssouri, Inc. can be found by clicking here.

Historic Partnership to Advance Freemasonry in North America

Dear Brethren,

The Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, Shriners International, and the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction proudly announce a historic coming together of our organizations in the joint sponsorship of

More than just a website, is dedicated to explaining just who Freemasons are, and what we stand for. It serves as a guide for men looking to understand the truths of our craft and the rewards of our brotherhood. It is a place where information about Freemasonry is accurate, visually compelling, and aspirational.

Central to the site is a powerful referral mechanism that links men interested in joining to Grand Lodge membership contacts in states and provinces throughout North America. We hope you too will help spread the word far and wide by sharing the site with friends, family, and other good men you know.

A Historic Partnership

The Scottish Rite, NMJ, Shriners International, and the Scottish Rite, SJ, have united in purpose and in service to the craft. As we open our plans to Grand Lodges across North America there is no doubt that, together, we can achieve the extraordinary and continue to share Freemasonry with the world.

The work we have embarked on circles us back to the place where we have always been strong. The noble place where we help a man declare to the world, I am not just a man. I am a Mason.

David A. Glattly, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander
Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

Jeffrey L. Sowder
Imperial Potentate
Shriners International

James D. Cole, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander
Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction

Are you keeping up with our activities?

Are you keeping up with the activities occurring within the Orient?  Follow along by reading our Orient Newsletter, the Scottish Rite Journal, and the Journal’s Missouri section all online from your computer or smartphone.  Simply click the link below!

Scottish Rite News

May 2018 Missouri Scottish Rite E-NEWS

We hope that you are enjoying the Missouri Scottish Rite E-NEWS!  You can read the latest issue as well as our past issues using the relevant link(s) below.

This newsletter shares information from each of our local Scottish Rite Valleys, our RiteCare Centers, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, the Masonic Youth Groups in Missouri, and other Masonic groups around our state.


Launch of the monthly Missouri Scottish Rite e-News

We are excited to announce the launch of the Missouri Scottish Rite e-News!

This dynamic monthly newsletter is dedicated to sharing the Goodness of Freemasonry – committed to inspiring Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth – and driven by the stories and experiences of each of the five great Scottish Rite Valleys of the Orient of Missouri.

You can view the current issue by visiting

Missouri Scottish Rite eNews - March 2018

Missouri Scottish Rite eNews – March 2018

Tis’ the Season – to Give the Gift of Speech!

Happy Giving Tuesday!


During the next 24 hours, people around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and make an impact. Will you help us reach our goals this holiday season? Please say “yes” to help a child at your local RiteCare today!

Did you know…?

  • Nationally, we help fund about 170 RiteCare Childhood Language Programs
  • Nationally, many of our centers work in association with universities and hospitals providing top notch care
  • Nationally, RiteCare provides children with full diagnostic evaluation, treatment of speech, language disorders, and learning disabilities





RiteCare - Helping Children Communicate

Kansas City Scottish Rite Time Capsule Opened

We had a wonderful event at the Kansas City Scottish Rite last night!  HUNDREDS of members and guests filled the beautifully restored Grand Ballroom for the opening of the time capsule from the original Kansas City Scottish Rite Temple.  The event was attended by many Freemasons, community leaders, and dignitaries.  See below for FOUR VIDEOS – 1.) a news clip from the Kansas City Star 2.) a news clip from Fox 4 News Kansas City 3.) A news clip from KCTV5 4.) a video filmed by one of the staff members.



Congratulations, 2015 Honourmen!

Congratulations to the Missouri Scottish Rite Masons who have been recognized for their service! We appreciate each and every one of you!
Posted by Scottish Rite Orient of Missouri on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SRRS 2013 Bonus Book Image

Exciting new book from the Scottish Rite Research Society!

Freemasonry`s Royal Secret: The Jamaican `Francken Manuscript` of the High DegreesNOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

SRRS members who were dues-current in 2013, you will likely have received your 2013 Bonus Book by now. If not, don’t worry, it’s in the mail.

For the rest of you, Freemasonry`s Royal Secret: The Jamaican `Francken Manuscript` of the High Degrees is now available for purchase via the Scottish Rite Store website (!

  • Edited and compiled by Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, G.C., Grand Archivist and Grand Historian; Introduction co-authored with Alain Bernheim, 33°.
  •  What was high degree Masonry like before the Scottish Rite? For the first time ever, the actual rituals of the `parent` of the Scottish Rite are available for study from a rare manuscript!
  • Created by Stephen Morin in the 1760`s, this 25-degree system used many of the most popular and important degrees of the time. By 1764 the high degrees were established in New Orleans, and in 1767 Henry Andrew Francken brought the system to Albany, New York. It was finally absorbed into the Scottish Rite in 1801.
  • This extremely interesting work includes the full and complete rituals of the system, from 4° Secret Master, to 25° Prince of the Royal Secret. Also included are the `detached degrees` of Select Master of 27, Knight of the Royal Arch, and Grand Master Ecose, which appeared at the back of the manuscript.
  • Includes several facsimiles from the original manuscript.
  • Hardbound (6 3/4″ x 10″) with decorative covers; illustrated; includes index. 317 pages.

November 2014 Updates

Brethren & Friends –

Please click here for the latest from Ill. Robert W. Cockerham, SGIG.

We have also posted several pages of photographs from the 2014 RiteCare Biennial Conference / KSA Gathering.  These photos were taken by Brother Marsh Lukens, 32° KCCH, St. Louis Valley and have been compiled into a nice PDF by Brandon Cockerham.  You can download the PDF by clicking here (“heads up”, the PDF of photographs is a 10mb file).  There is also a nice online gallery of photos from these events on the Missouri DeMolay site –

The latest news from the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, Inc. has been posted at


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