History and Purpose

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, Inc. was originally incorporated in 1946 as the Scottish Rite Endowment, Philanthropic, and Educational Foundation, Inc.  Its purpose was to provide the public charities of the order and go beyond that given by the Almoner to needy brethren.

In 1958 the Foundation’s name changed to The Scottish Rite Foundation of St. Louis, Inc.  Its purpose was the same as before, and as early as 1959 it selected as its objectives for future development the training of children who are aphasics and the maintenance of scholarships.

In 1970, amended Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office to change the name to The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, Inc.  The Foundation concentrates on four principal charities:

  1. To provide financial support of the Orient RiteCare Clinics;
  2. To grant undergraduate scholarships to deserving individuals attending an accredited college or university and pursuing a bachelor’s degree;
  3. To give financial assistance for medical, dental, and personal needs to children who would otherwise have to do without the treatment or benefit; and
  4. To give financial assistance to Missouri DeMolay to offset their expenses related to leadership training and education.

It has been a matter of custom and precedent to urge those financially able Scottish Rite members who are 32° to give $32, those who are KCCH to give $32.50 and 33° brethren to give $33 annually to the Foundation.  There is also an Albert Pike Society which is composed of members who give $10,000 to the Foundation.  The contribution may be made in lump sum or over a period of ten years.  Donors receive recognition by having their names inscribed on a plaque which lists every member and which is displayed in each of the Valleys.

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