Freemasonry`s Royal Secret: The Jamaican `Francken Manuscript` of the High DegreesNOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

SRRS members who were dues-current in 2013, you will likely have received your 2013 Bonus Book by now. If not, don’t worry, it’s in the mail.

For the rest of you, Freemasonry`s Royal Secret: The Jamaican `Francken Manuscript` of the High Degrees is now available for purchase via the Scottish Rite Store website (!

  • Edited and compiled by Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, G.C., Grand Archivist and Grand Historian; Introduction co-authored with Alain Bernheim, 33°.
  •  What was high degree Masonry like before the Scottish Rite? For the first time ever, the actual rituals of the `parent` of the Scottish Rite are available for study from a rare manuscript!
  • Created by Stephen Morin in the 1760`s, this 25-degree system used many of the most popular and important degrees of the time. By 1764 the high degrees were established in New Orleans, and in 1767 Henry Andrew Francken brought the system to Albany, New York. It was finally absorbed into the Scottish Rite in 1801.
  • This extremely interesting work includes the full and complete rituals of the system, from 4° Secret Master, to 25° Prince of the Royal Secret. Also included are the `detached degrees` of Select Master of 27, Knight of the Royal Arch, and Grand Master Ecose, which appeared at the back of the manuscript.
  • Includes several facsimiles from the original manuscript.
  • Hardbound (6 3/4″ x 10″) with decorative covers; illustrated; includes index. 317 pages.